3...2...1... ๐Ÿš€

3...2...1... ๐Ÿš€

We have lift-off!ย 

Trying to launch a small business while working full time and raising a toddler and young child feels like launching into space in a rocketship that I'm trying to build as it's hurtling along. So basically: terrifying, overwhelming, exciting and... did I forget to pee before strapping in here?

My purpose in having this website, blog, and shop is to be able to afford science equipment and adventures for my children. It's to make our time together fun and educational. It also might help with those unexpected vet bills when the cat eats a balloon (again... thank you pet insurance).

Maybe you might get some fun ideas for projects here. Maybe you can share your ideas with me? I won't pretend that I'll be monitoring this site all day and night; but when my kids are sleeping, I'll be here!

I hope this works out. Drifting out with the stars if I miss the moon is still incredible.

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