Gift list for your outdoorsy kid 🎁

Gift list for your outdoorsy kid 🎁

After consulting Rocko and his friends, I've come up with this wish list of things kids love and will find useful for outdoor adventures.

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Outdoor adventure gear:

Anything from National Geographic!

National Geographic Store

You need the tools to explore! How about a safe multi-tool? For ages 5+, this kit includes 

  • 1 Telescoping Magnet
  • 1 Field Tongs
  • 1 Field Spade
  • 1 Field Brush
  • 1 Magnifing Mirror
  • 1 Safety Whistle
  • 1 Carabiner Clip

Backyard Safari 6-in-1 Field Tools


Outdoor necessities:

Our family is outfitted with Klean Kanteens. We like that they are easy to clean, can take a beating (or a dropping, again and again and again). We also like that they are mostly without plastic (except part of the cap).

Klean Kanteen for Children


Not going to lie, this mineral-based sunscreen does make us look a little like mimes. However, the lack of chemicals and safe nature of this brand has us using it exclusively.

ThinkBaby Mineral Sunscreen


Educational toys:

The National Geographic Ultimate Rock, Mineral and Fossil Kit includes over 200 fossils, minerals, and rocks; can you think of a better way to begin your collection?

  • Fossils from prehistoric sea life like Clams, Ammonites, Brachiopods, and Gastropods
  • Polished gemstones & minerals like Red Jasper, Desert Rose, Blue Quartz, Red Quartz, Pumice, Snowflake Obsidian, and Aventurine
  • 3 genuine geodes, one broken and ready for display, 2 unbroken specimens for you to crack open yourself!
  • A full-color learning guide

National Geographic Ultimate Rock, Mineral and Fossil Kit


This geode science kit by National Geographic provides a hands-on science experiment that you and your children are guaranteed to love.

This science kit includes:

  • 10 high-quality crystal filled geodes
  • 1 set safety goggles
  • 3 display stands
  • 1 Full-color learning guide



Rocko won't stop asking about making a volcano! Well that will be easy with this National Geographic Mega Science Series Earth Science Kit.

With this kit, you’ll be able to:

  • Grow a Real Crystal (in as little as 3 days!)
  • Create Your Own Reusable Volcano
  • Paint Your Volcano Anyway You’d Like
  • Make Your Volcano Erupt
  • Cause an Even Bigger Eruption
  • See How a Chewable Mint Candy Makes an Eruption
  • See How a Popping Candy Makes an Eruption
  • Dig Up a Rose Quartz Specimen
  • Dig Up Two Pyrite 'Fool's Gold' Specimens
  • Generate a Whirling Water Tornado
  • Race Dueling Water Tornadoes
  • Make a Glow-in-the-Dark Vortex
  • See a Vegetable Oil Vortex
  • Experiment with a Dish Soap Vortex
  • Read Through a Rock (Selenite)
  • Start a Rock Collection (with snowflake obsidian, tiger’s eye, green fluorite, pumice, desert rose, blue calcite, a geode, and agate)



Fun stuff:

The Young Adventurer's Guide to Almost Everything

Water bottle stickers


Are you looking for adventures nearby? Check out this list!

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