Drawing on white boards ✍️

Drawing on white boards ✍️

One of our favorite things to do while waiting for dinner to cook or while mom is folding laundry is to draw on white boards.

I went to Home Depot and bought a 4'x8' particleboard covered with smooth white plastic (RFP board? you'll see them there - they're <$25 for the entire thing) and had them cut it into six 24"x32" pieces. The kids can each grab one and start drawing or lay them all out and draw something very big or long. The flat boards tuck away nicely.

To draw with, I searched Amazon for the least toxic smelling dry-erase markers, since Joy likes to draw on herself (inspired by my tattooed best friends, no doubt) and still puts things in her mouth. These have been perfect (if you buy through this link, I may get a small commission, at no additional cost to you):

Magnetic low odor dry erase markers

Rocko drew this awesome picture of him with his two best friends fishing for salmon (successfully!). He gets frustrated with himself if he doesn't get things exactly right the first time he tries. Sometimes he has to walk away, feel his feelings, and come back and try again.

Joy is working on her fine motor skills and Rocko is learning that he can start fresh. He can try again, and I praise his efforts. Then he gets to slide his socks over the boards and erase everything - which gives him a good sense of satisfaction - but first, mom needs her picture of his creation!

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