Exploring El Capitán State Beach 🏖️

Exploring El Capitán State Beach 🏖️

It's amazing when you find a group of parents interested in getting their kids outside into nature. We're lucky to have such people in our lives and we took the posse of kids to El Capitán State Beach in Santa Barbara county.

It's an interesting mix of large rocks, cobbles, and sand. There was driftwood everywhere in all sizes. The kids practiced balancing on the large logs.

They pretended lava flowed below them as they leapt from rock to rock. Joy did her best to keep up with all the older boys. She's got spunk and will try everything they do, even if it means a skinned knee - she just bounces back up and keeps on going, with a smile and laugh.

Kids playing in a creek near the ocean at El Capitan State Beach in Santa Barbara county

We found a creek with a large clean bone in it. The kids built a rock bridge across and threw rocks in. We left after several hours, when the drizzle began and the kids started to whine. They passed out to nap on the way home (and have stayed napping long enough for me to write this post!).

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