Johnson Ranch Trail

Johnson Ranch Trail

Joy and Rocko love the Johnson Ranch Trail near San Luis Obispo. Their favorite part is the snack break at the creek.

A boy relaxing in a dry creek on a bridge along the Johnson Ranch Trail near San Luis Obispo

We were hoping that the recent rain would have started the creek flowing, but it was still dry today. There was green baby grass poking through the dry grass, so this will be greening up soon, especially since they are forecasting a series of rain storms. We come all the time and watch the wildflowers cycle through and the woodpeckers in their nest each year.

It's a great hike for kids because it isn't too challenging and you can make it longer or shorter, depending on how you plan it out.

Rocko, with his amazing imagination, tells Joy that there is a giant buried in the ground. As we walk the trail, he points out the giant's nose, toes, and knees.

A boy tells his toddler sister stories about the Johnson Ranch Trail near San Luis Obispo

Today we saw two white-tailed kites, a kestrel, a turkey vulture, a flock of gold finches, some baby cows and heard a cricket chirping (the kids looked but could not find him). The weather was sunny but chilly, which is perfect for hiking.

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