Nature and Hiking Etiquette 👣

Nature and Hiking Etiquette 👣

Some folks get outside into nature and yell, fling trash, and wander off-trail. There are some basic expectations for everyone when out in nature.

Photo credit: Rehman Abubakr, Signboard at Horton Plains National Park, in central Sri Lanka.

Nature represents something precious that we all share: all humans, animals, plants, minerals... So the expectation is to try to have as little impact as possible.


Pack it in; pack it out. This includes bagging and carrying out dog poop. Gum doesn't belong in bushes and neither do orange or banana peels. If it didn't come from there, don't leave it there.


Please remain on designated trails when hiking. Many people aren't aware of the engineering that goes into planning and constructing trails. They are laid out in a way to prevent erosion and to ensure beautiful views. When people make their own trails or try to shortcut a switchback, they end up destabilizing the ground. This could end up causing the trail to erode in that spot, closing that entire trail to everyone. Don't go off-trail.

Check signage on your hike before heading out: are dogs allowed? Who has right-of-way between bikes, runners, hikers, horses? When in doubt, move over when there is a wide section of trail that allows it. Do not crush plants to get out of the way (this leads to trail destabilization and destroys habitat). Let the other person know what you're up to (it's ok to say "hi! I'm going to let you pass. Enjoy your day!").


Please make sure that dogs are allowed. Aside from rare instances, dogs must be on a six foot leash being held by a person.


Playing loud music is rude. If you'd like to listen to headphones, that's cool. If you're blasting music, then you're having a negative impact on birds and other wildlife as well as other visitors who came for nature sounds.

Having a loud phone conversation or fight with your buddy or running around screaming (tell your kids your expectations) = not cool. Most other people out there on your trail or in that natural setting are trying to escape sounds like these.

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