Planets 🌍🌎🌏

Planets 🌍🌎🌏

For my sister-in-law's outer-space-themed baby shower, we put together these planet-filled centerpieces.Β 

My kids and niece and nephew made the planets! We put different-sized wooden balls into a glass pie plate with squirts from paint inside and rolled them around. As they bumped into each other, they made swirls and streaks very reminiscent of a planet's atmosphere.


Here's Jupiter from NASA:

And here are the planets the kids made:


Air plants and fire glass completed the look. We were very proud of these!

If you want to duplicate the project, we used the following (I may get a small commission if you purchase from these links, at no additional cost to you):

Air plants from Twisted Acres on Etsy

Fire glass in two colors-

Cobalt blue:

Caribbean blue:Β 

Glass containers (any you like!)

Wooden balls in all sizes-

Small and medium:




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