SLO Gem and Mineral Show: Gems by the Sea, year 2 💎🪨

SLO Gem and Mineral Show: Gems by the Sea, year 2 💎🪨

We had our table at the San Luis Obispo Gem and Mineral Show called Gems by the Sea for the second year in a row. My bestie came up to help again because she's amazing like that.

Lessons learned last year included needing more lights: well, we had plenty of lights this time! New lessons learned this year are that my sign is misleading... I don't take other kids on outdoor adventures, just share kids friendly adventures with you. The other lesson is the feeling of comeraderie that grows between vendors at the shows - like a reunion!

 SLO Gem and Mineral show called Gems by the Sea in San Luis Obispo on California's Central Coast

This show did make some things abundantly clear: first, people loved our science kits: geodes, UV, and fossil. Second, we do need to lead some adventures! Since I've managed a Meetup group since 2009, it seems like a good place to begin posting these excursions. Also, I think my kids will be the ones leading. This will build their confidence and be great for future resumes.

If you want to build your own UV kit, I recommend these flashlights from Amazon (I may get a small commission if you buy from this link, at no cost to you): TactEagle UV Flashlight 365nm

They are inexpensive, the right type of UV for minerals and insects, powerful enough, just need one AA battery, and they seem to last forever!

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