Snow! Nearby! Mt. Pinos! ❄️

Snow! Nearby! Mt. Pinos! ❄️

Snow is just two hours away! Good snow!

Joy discovering the snow at Frazier Park with friends and family

We met with some friends in early January at Frazier Park for snow play! Joy loved it and she loved sledding with her brother and dad.

Two kids sled with their dad in Frazier Park Ventura and Kern counties

The main road out was closed, so we took the 33. It was amazing to drive through desert and then wind up the mountain, watching the vegetation change as we moved toward the snowy pine trees.

It was a Sunday and many other families were out enjoying the snow as well. It was warm and wonderful.

We spent the night and went to the top of Mt. Pinos the next day, which is the highest point in Ventura county.

 The top of Mt. Pinos in Ventura county

Rocko and Joy made a snowman! They were so excited. Then Joy ate his nose (the snowman's, not Rocko's).

Two happy kids making a snowman at Pine Mountain Club in Ventura county

We drove out the same way we drove in, down the mountain. Seeing yucca growing next to pines was amazing. We paused to make paintbrushes out of yucca leaves. We also spent some time rock hounding in a wash where the recent rains had revealed some lovely granite.

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