Tidepooling near Spyglass Park in Pismo Beach 🦀

Tidepooling near Spyglass Park in Pismo Beach 🦀

The king tides blessed us with another negative tide. Joy, Rocko, and I took the opportunity to check out the tidepools at the base of the cliffs, accessed from Spyglass Park in Pismo Beach.

 Tidepools meet the sunset in Pismo Beach

We carefully scrambled down a wash to get to the pocket beach. Joy is gesturing to the way down in the image below.

 A little girl dressed in pink, gestures to the access point to tidepools in Pismo Beach with dramatic uplifted rock behind

I was hoping for an octopus, but the kids were very pleased with the sea anemones, snails, barnacles, chitons, and the feeding egret.

Sea anemones at low tide in the tidepools at the base of Spyglass  Park in Pismo Beach

We explored for a while, as the sun set and the sky darkened. Then we scrambled back up the cliff and played in the playground until it was dark and time to go eat dinner.

 The sun sets early over tide pools in Pismo Beach during the king tides negative low tide

We live in the most beautiful place and are lucky to be local to SLO ... SLOcal!

Two kids searching tidepools for anemones in Pismo Beach during a negative low tide

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