Why did it take so long to discover Etsy? 🧭

Why did it take so long to discover Etsy? 🧭

I can blame the pandemic for finally stumbling across Etsy - but what took me so long to find it? It's an awesome marketplace to find unique gifts for my kids.

We lost two family members during this pandemic. Joy probably won't remember them; Rocko does. The experience prompted me to try to find gifts that would be meaningful to him if his father or I were to die.

The gifts for his fifth birthday had to be personal and something that would be valued when he grows up as well (I hope). We were reading the I Am Albert Einstein (Ordinary People Change the World) book by Brad Meltzer about everyday people who can change the world. In it, young Albert Einstein received a compass from his father and it changed his life. I decided to get Rocko a customized compass hoping he would have a similar experience or at least feel more connected to the character in his book. It came out beautifully.

He loves it. He told me that the angels of his grandfather and uncle are inside the compass. I showed him how we could "trick" it with a magnet. He treasures it.

A metal compass with the underside of the top engraved with a camping van in the outdoors and reads "Adventurer"

The other gift was from a bunch of family members who pooled their money with me (because it was expensive): a large treasure chest! This was to solve his problem of having his little sister going after things he considered his. The wooden chest has a lock and is customized with his name. We opted to add the slow close option to avoid crushed fingers. He can put his precious things inside (like his compass) and lock it.

A boy and his little sister admire his new dark brown wooden large treasure chest that has a sign on it reading "Rocko's Treasure"

He's filled it with his piggy bank, wallet, tumbled stones, and toys he loves.

Joy received butterfly wings because she loves dressing up and pretending to be different animals or a princess. When she is older, I hope to be able to get her a compass with things she loves engraved on it and a treasure chest to keep her valuables.

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