Your local rock club welcomes you! 🤗

Your local rock club welcomes you! 🤗

Hey fellow rockhound! You are not alone. There are gem and mineral clubs everywhere. 

In the States, it turns out they are part of the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies, a non-profit group for education. You can Google for your local club.

I recently (finally!) joined my local club, SLO Gem and Mineral Club. At the first meeting I attended, we had an amazing presentation about volcanos, were gifted volcanic rocks, and local experts identified some of the rocks I've found on local beaches. It definitely hooked me.

This last weekend, they hosted a "field trip" to a lapidarist's backyard. Rocko and I swung by with some rocks we collected from Templeton and they were cut open, revealing the cool agate inside (thunder eggs!). We also got to pan for gold, learn dopping techniques, see a bunch of rock saws in action, and see a cabbing machine. Rocko loved it and so did I!

A dragon egg found in Templeton California and cut in half to see the classic agate banding inside.

One thing to note: I suspect that most rockhounds are introverted by nature, so most club members are pretty shy. That said, they opened up about the cool rocks and gems they've found or purchased. It is delightful to find your people.

Our local club is having a show September, 24&25, 2022,  Gems by the Sea, and this little side hustle will have a booth! I hope to see you there!

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