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Garnet Crystal (Erongo, Namibia)

Garnet Crystal (Erongo, Namibia)

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Garnets form naturally into dodecahedron form. That means 12 sides, kind of like a die!

This listing is for one deep red garnet crystal from Erongo, Namibia.

Garnet is a beautiful and highly sought-after gemstone that has been used for both decorative and mystical purposes for thousands of years. This mineral comes in many different colors, including red, green, and orange, and is often used in jewelry and decorative objects.

In ancient times, garnet was believed to have powerful mystical properties. It was thought to provide protection and healing, and was often used in rituals and ceremonies. Garnet was also prized for its decorative properties, and has been used in jewelry and decorative objects since ancient times.

The mineral structure of garnet is complex and includes a mix of silicon, aluminum, and oxygen, with additional metals that give the stone its distinctive color. Depending on the type of garnet, other minerals such as calcium, iron, and manganese can also be present in the crystal structure.

And now for a joke about garnet: Why was the garnet always the life of the party? Because it had a sparkling personality!

Garnet is a beautiful and unique gemstone that continues to captivate people today. Whether used for its mystical properties or decorative beauty, it is a gemstone with a rich history and timeless appeal. If you're looking for a gemstone with a unique beauty and a fascinating history, garnet is an excellent choice.

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