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Geode S.T.E.M. Pack

Geode S.T.E.M. Pack

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Find out what type of magic formed inside the three sugar geodes you get to break open  yourself.

Will you get a sparkling geode cavity or a solid thunderegg? 

This S.T.E.M kit includes:

  • Crack your own sugar geode (Mexico) - 3 unopened geodes!
  • Sugar geode pieces (Mexico) - 2 cut pieces
  • Coco geode half (Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil) - cut and polished (with interesting agate edges)
  • Amethyst geode half (small, Mexico)
  • Amethyst geode piece (Brazil)

Geodes form in cavities in rock close to the surface over thousands or even millions of years. They don't need pressure or heat to form. As the surrounding soil weathers away, the hard geode nodules are left behind for us to find!

How do you crack 'em open? Let's list the ways!

  • You can put one in an old sock, then grab the top and swing and whack this on the hard ground.
  • You can wrap it in an old towel, and with eye protection and parental supervision, whack it with a hammer.
  • You can throw it. (Remember eye protection.)
  • You can get a chisel and hammer and slowly work your way around it in a circle to get a cleaner cut (Eye protection!).
  • You can cut it on a wet tile saw (eye, ear, and hand protection!).
  • You can invent your own way or try different ways - you get three options anyway!


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