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Oceanview Mine

Science Rocks! (Oceanview Mine)

Science Rocks! (Oceanview Mine)

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Sometimes a rock's value is not what it would be worth as jewelry, but in its own intrinsic unique character. The price is for one stone, about 2"-4" in size. Each one is different.

These stones would not sell for much, like gem quality tourmaline. But they are fascinating. Crystal spikes of black tourmaline poke through layers of microcrystalline quartz with flakes of mica shimmering like fish scales. Some of the stones even have microgarnets (teensy gemstones).

We use this LED 30x magnifying glass from Amazon to see structural features (we may get a small commission if you purchase through this link, at no cost to you):


We also purchased this digital microscope to capture high magnification images 40x-1000x.


You don't have to purchase these Science Rocks! from me if you are interested in them. Oceanview Mine offers digs for a fee, but you can bring your own 5-gallon bucket and fill it with these interesting rocks for no additional fee beyond the dig fee (approximately $70 as of the writing of this product post). You may get lucky and find some gemstones while sifting material. No matter what, it will be an experience to remember and a fun day outside. To sign up for your own dig, click here: Oceanview Mine Dig

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