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Pyrite Pack

Pyrite Pack

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5 pyrite crystals show how minerals of the same element form differently depending on natural conditions.

The pyrite crystal set includes:

1 * Pyrite cube from Navajún, Spain in host rock (specimen)
2 * Pyrite crystals from Peru
2 * Pyrite nuggets from Peru

Pyrite can form cubes because of how the molecules, made up of one iron atom bonded to two sulfur atoms, arrange themselves. In Navajún, Spain, conditions are just perfect to form these almost perfect cubic crystals.

You can even go to Spain and dig for your own pyrite cubes!

Pyrite can form almost anywhere. This set includes four additional pieces of pyrite from Peru: two with an imperfect crystal structure, and two with a more chaotic crystal structure (nuggets) but if you look closely, you'll still see some cubes!

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